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Boiler, Heat Exchanger, Evaporator, Tube Cleaning : Sugar, Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Thermal Power Stations, Refineries, Pulp & Paper.

Surface Preparation : Automobile, Construction, Rail & Road, Steel Plant Shipping, Metal & Mining, Foundry

Equipment Floor, Vehicle and General purpose Cleaning : Military, Dairy, Fish & meat Ceramic Manmade fiber, textile, confectionery.

Tank & Vessel Cleaning: Brewery, Pharma, Chemical, Edible oil. Public utility, Cold storage.

Spedal applications like Run way cleaning. Fire fighting. Blade cleaning etc.: Airports, Cotton, Chemicals, Municipalities, Marble

Cleaning of components. Castings and Deburring: Automobile, Construction, Rail & Road, Steel Plant Shipping, Metal & Mining, Foundry

Humldmcation: Cotton, Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Poultry etc

Sewer cleaning and Tree cleaning In major cities: Municipal Corporation
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Tree-Bark Removal
Disease Control Hog Washing
Potato Cleaning
Row Crop Spraying Potato Fields

Air force & Army

Cleaning of Aircraft Engines
Runway Marking / Strip Removal
Sky Wash


Tank Cleaning


Vehicle Cleaning
Paint Removal By Wet Sand Blasting


Battery Cleaning
Battery Manufacturing Machine Cleaning

Boiler Feeding

Boiler Feeding With High Pressure


Beer Exciting


Bulk Cement Truck cleaning


High Pressure Cleaning in Ceramic Tile


Oleochem Process
Reactor vessel cleaning


Boiler Tube Cleaning


Camshaft Cooling with High Pressure
Cleaning Compressor Castings
Seal Gland Flushing

Fish & Meat

Central Cleaning System Meat Processing


Fogging System in Ginning
Fogging System for Ginning

Food - Major Applications

Central Cleaning System for Food
Potato Cleaning
Other Applications

General Application in all industries

Steam Power Boiler Feed
Boiler Feed Auxiliary Fuel
Humidity Control System
Polymer Injection Golf Course Aeration
Oil Separation Filter Cleaning
Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning
Phosphate Farm Implements
Pest Control




Mist Cooling Temperature Control System


Blade cleaning in granite Processing Unit


Canteens & Kitchens
Utensil Cleaning

Large Air Conditioning Plant

Cleaning Heating And Cooling Coils


Continuous Miner Coal Dust Suppression
Equipment Cleaning Coal Mining Hydraulic Power With High Water Base Fluids And High Pressure

Municipality & Local Authority

Waste Water Odor Control

Navy, Marin & offshore

Ship Hull Wet-Sand Blasting
Water Supply For Under Sea Vessels

Nuclear & Thermal Power Station

wire insulator Live

Oil & natural Gas, Refinery

Crude Oil Transfer Pump
Offshore Platform Wash Down
Salt Water Injection
Secondary Recovery-Flooding
Waste Water Re-Injection

Pipe & tube

Hydro Test Of Pipes
Acid Cleaning After Pickling

Plastic Molding

Total Wash System
Flash Removal
Die Cleaning


Jetty Cleaning

Pulp & paper

Felt And Wire Screen Washer


Gypsum Removal Railroad Tankers
Locomotive Cleaning

Soaps & Detergent

Fatty Acid Dosing / Water Dosing / Oil Dosing

Steel & Iron

Hydro Desclaing


Water Extraction For Laundry And Textile Applications
Cleaning Of Nickel Perforated Screens of
Rotary Screen
Printing Machine
Candle Filters And Sieve Cleaning

Transport & Traffic

Oil Storage Tank Cleaning

Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis - Desalination
Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination Offshore Or Island Support Reverse Osmosis Systems

Wet Sand Blasting

Wet Sand Blasting

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